Learning About Search Engine Optimization & WooCommerce

We are planning to open the official “rock the hamptons” internet shop! But there is much to do and we are quite new at this. So as we are posting this, we are also asking for your help guys. Probably not as a surprise to our readers, concentrating on rocking is not something that yields a lot of IT skills. Equally, since it’s just something we love to do.. there is not too much money to be made. But finding balance could be an option that would be more fruitful for our future. Thus, the idea for the net shop came about and while we are figuring out what kind of fan products to make.. we are figuring out another beast, WooCommerce e-commerce software for WordPress.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the world of Content Management Systems, plugins and how to do SEO. But to our surprise these are things that we have been missing, completely! It is still quite recent that we changed to WordPress, which gave us an easy way to make a beautiful blog, and website. But to go beyond that, was not something we have been very eager to accomplish.

Well, anyway. Now, we have teamed up our nerdy brains to come up with the best solution. And we have realized that Search Engine Optimization is absolutely vital for our fans and other rock enthusiast to find out store. Therefore we have invested in this great WooCommerce SEO Plugin that rocks a lot. We are able to create the perfect permalinks and customize just about anything so that search engines would LOVE us.

We are impressed, and WooCommerce has been working so smooth together with WordPress. All in all, we cant wait to bring you the rocking shop that you all so deserve. Knowing the speed are reliability, we can guarantee any deadline. Just hope the best for our dear friends, and fans.

Let us know what you think in the comments, please!! :)

Matias Luoma

The Show Life Rocks in Beijing, Beijing!

During the “rocking years” of our band, and myself we traveled a lot. After all, that’s pretty much the lifestyle that you are after. Having a tool for exploring the world and having adventures such as a band, is one of the best things I could ever think of. Yet it’s not just roses and wine, there are difficulties and hard times too.

What we give out as a group is that everything is fine, after all we want people to have fun and concentrate on positive things. In itself that is good but also on the other side we liked to confront our problems which is what I guess kept us together for so long.

In many of the places you travel to, like Beijing you leave memories. Often enough, these memories penetrate deep into your being because of not just the good times, but because of the difficulties that you had to overcome. This is all about growing up, and if a country like China can teach me how to be a better person.. I can only embrace it all.

I often felt like I wanted to go back to China and go through those same experiences again and again. On the other hand, I knew that if I would do that the experiences would change because inevitably they are different. What I was before was something else, now I am what I am now, only to become something else in another moment in time.

But that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t rock on the Hamptons, and revisit some of the memories and even change them. Such was the nature of a trip this Summer to Beijing, the mesmerising Beijing Acrobatic Show and the pristine Chinese country side. Little did I know, that a lot of the things were just the same as the Hamptons had left. Although even more surprising was the fact, that perhaps I was less naive and could enjoy the wonderful Chinese capital in a whole new day.

When we went together to see the acrobatic show, the times were blurry at times. With plenty of alcohol in our blood, and young excitement in the air together with our fans at that time. The busy, exciting and hectic environment of the show stage was just perfect for our mental state. We felt like we were on stage, on top of the world and looking down on China with mutual understanding but still as a westerner that is irrational from everything.

Just as the acrobatic feats, that define some of the limits of the human body, as well as theatre itself.. we were defining our own limits and the Beijing show became like a symbol of our success and drive in life.

This time, I sat down perhaps a little further from the stage in the old and classic styled Chaoyang Theatre hall. I felt like I was more observant and appreciative, not just with hard-rock playing in my head constantly. Also I was not intoxicated, because the taste for alcohol has been reduced due to over consumption. Let me show you a photo that I show at this amazing show to explain a bit more than with words!

Acrobat Showing Extreme Feats

There is something so elegant and so stunning about this performance, that it still magnifies you and glues you to your seat. What surprised me was that the feats had hardly changed, with all the classic tricks that made me go “wow”, the last time I visited.

It made me think, how perhaps in some ways I had changed a lot. Became more adult, more calmed down and observant of the world around me. Instead of trying so hard to mold and change the environment around me, I was trying to learn from it. There is always an opportunity to learn from others, from both mistakes and brilliance. Perhaps in the past, that had been the same just with less awareness of it. That gave me another sense of comfort, that not all was lost and all along I was that same Matias Luoma guy that was rocking with Hamptons in Beijing.

Thanks for reading!


The Name Hamptons

Please excuse me for not explaining previously, from where the name “Hamptons” comes from. And I will do so in detail within this post, as well as explain some history. And what is a traveller, Finnish guy writing a blog for them. Probably in the previous version of the website, we had that explanation but.. as things get removed and start again, you need to explain things again and again.

I immigrated to the states a long time ago, with dreams of become a player in a band. And little did I know, that my dreams would come true in a big way. I ended up in a city in southeastern Virginia, called Hampton. I met people like I’ve never met before. Open minded, relaxed and friendly. I felt comfortable right away and while it all started with just “hanging around”, it all developed into a full blown rock band. Known as “Rock The Hamptons”. However, I was always the loose member.. but still in some ways, kept things together. In one peace.

I guess that’s why after the “break up”, I am the one who is still blogging and keeping the legend alive. But we are all good friends, it was just time for the hamptons to move on. Anyway, I want to travel more.. not just road tripping the US but all over the globe. And whoever I go, I will carry the memories within me. They are indeed, a part of me now and for ever.

With love,

Get up & Beijing Rock Theatre Memories

Might sound corny, and probably it is. But getting up and rocking the world if one of the most brilliant things there are in life. But if you are not comfortable with rocking, just give it a new word. Like smooching or cleaning, whatever gives you the satisfaction and drive to go out there and do whatever is it that you want to do. This is basically the essence of “rocking”.

And of course, rock the hamptons has always been in love with China. Ever since, we did a gig there. Of course, those times are in the past and won’t be coming back. But we can always visit China again and again.

Once of the craziest projects we had, was a collaboration between peking opera and yes, rock. Most of you probably don’t know what Opera is like in Beijing, but I can tell you it’s nothing a westerner can imagine easily. It’s wild, exiting and fast paced. While the tradition is far from anything that’s “rock”, the mentality however is very rocky indeed!

I would love to go back to those days, but can’t. However I have my memories that I can share for the rest of my life. And that night at the Liyuan Theatre venue was magical. With performers from America as well as China getting together. Mixing two totally opposite cultures, however finding that thing that connects them and putting up a show of a life time. Yes, only that night an elegant performance was made into a brilliant, loud show with guitars going wild. For more information about the venue, see: Liyuan Theatre Beijing

All in all, the Beijing atmosphere was transformed wherever we went. We took rock with us, we took Peking Opera with us. And “Liyuan” is still in our hearts. Chinese people are great, they make you smile and laugh. They make you remember how to be curious about everything and that joining hands is the only way we can find happiness. The streets are the stage, and theatre is a place to remember that. It’s not just in Beijing or the rest of China. It’s the whole world where this phenomenon is happening every single day.

While I would like to have comforting news, that we will be playing again at the Liyuan Theatre venue. I can say, that this will never happen. In fact, we will never do another gig again. But we are still good friends. And best of all, we are planning another trip together to go to the city and enjoy life again. Experience the Chinese stage again. In new and fun ways. Because if one country in the world, China is the place the embraces change and we can never expect. Or to know what’s coming ahead of us.

What I can say confidently, is that we are looking forward. Rock on!

Your host, Matias.

Fight The Spam & Rock The Blog

OK Folks. I had enough of the spam that was infesting the website over all these years. It’s time we updated to a more modern blogging environment, also known as WordPress. Hamptons are not very tech-savvy folk, but it’s not because of ignorance, rather because of the lack of skill. However, whenever we get to know of new ways to do stuff.. it doesn’t take long for us to taken action and improve our ways. And that was the case here as well. It’s all part of fighting laziness, which is non-existent for us rockers of the world.

The design looks beautiful without any hard work.. so smart way is the way to go. Hope everyone likes it, and keeps reading our wonderful posts. Right!? Don’t be afraid, come and say hello.


Rock The Farm is Back!

First of all, I just want to appologize over all the confusion there has been over the site. A lot of changes have been made, and I am now slowly by steadily getting confident about running it. Perhaps, this could be one of the final, (if such thing exists) stages for the new and bright beginning for the blog.

Rock The Hamptons is an old, old project which is coming back alive and well incorporated with the rest of the stuff that’s going on here. Yes, music is a very important aspect of my life and I’ve long supported projects such as Wounded Warrior Project and Soldier Ride. Not to get too Scientific, “rock the farm” was an event held in Boston which rocked the world and made me what I am today. Perhaps this was one of the first times I truly understood, that I must live my life to the fullest and fight against boredom. Which became all natural to me in the end. That is still what I want to blog about, but I will be adding some musical event spice to it as well. Just hold on and you’ll see what I mean.

So I have renamed the new version of the website as Rock The Hamptons in memory of those old times, and that fact that I did make it on the road to an exiting life which I am experiencing every day.. for the rest of my days!

So, let’s rock and try to bare with me as I mix my multi-nationality, multi-specificality and just about everything I have to offer to the mix. It’s gonna be beautiful man, and the farm is back!

See you soon & regards,

Matias Luoma

There is no Time!

I mean seriously, there is no time. In fact, time is just a fabrication. Something created by humans to think that you are going forwards (or some direction) in time. When in fact, it is quite true. But it doesn’t need to be true and the only thing that makes it real is the facts that people think it is true. So I guess you could say that’s all in the minds of peoples imaginations.

If people think to believe it. Then there must be other ways to think and to make other kinds of reality right? Have you ever found out, that you never have time. Well, of course those who are often bored feel that they have all the time in the world. I say, enjoy it. Because most people don’t have this luxury.

Instead, a lot of people have time running under their feet. Going so fast, that it feels that nothing is enough. This is a trap however. Both of these are, in fact. There is a third option to all is. And this is here and now.

The here and now is a skill mastered by a lot of people in this world. They are able to create a lot in their lives, while enjoying it. I want to explain some of these “masters of time”, from different walks of life. So stay tuned guys. I think this is too interesting to be missed!


Get Up Go & See A Panda Show!

Sometimes people ask me, what do you do when you are bored? Well, I am never bored so I don’t know. Oh, just kidding. Not about the never board part.. but about knowing what to do. I know what to do, but is it the thing for you? Everyone has their own thing, please veryone, get that idea into your heads. It wil take you far.. very far!

But, sometimes advice does have positive effects. But the kind that I tell what I do. Or used to do.. was go and see a show. Take the most extravagant or outrageous show you can find. Let’s say the Shichahai Theatre.. what? You never heard of it. Well of course not! It’s a Kung Fu Panda show. Who would ever want to go and see anything like that. Maybe just better be bored. Wrong!!

Go and see it. Doesn’t matter if it’s a panda or a bear, just go and see what it does for you to see people on stage, doing crazy tricks, acting.. cheezy storyline, antyhing will do. The power of theatre is tremendous, it makes you think about what you want to act in life. If you want to become a Panda, that’s great.. if it’s the thing you really want you will never be bored, again.

If you don’t have Shichahai Theatre available, what do you do.. go to see circus, acrobatics, I don’t really care. As long as you have doubts about it. You need to break the mold, of just doing the same things over and over again.

This is the key. New stuff. Go and try it out. Show life is waiting for bored people! Heheheh.

Thinking about it already?


Matias Luoma.

The Skill of Being Bored

When someone says they are bored. I often think that they have a special skill. I don’t have this skill and indeed, I tend to ask these kinds of people.. if or how or why are they bored? Not surpsigingly enough, bored people give boring answers. Thus I never really found the answer of how I can be bored.

Therefore I just have to imagine it. And if I try to picture such a bored situation, it seem like a lot of fun to me. Just doing nothing, staring at a wall. I wish I would have such precious time sometimes.

But then again, maybe sometimes I do stare at the wall. Wait a minute, perhaps.. I do know how to be bored and I love it and that’s why I never invented to give it such a name “bored”. That must be it.

Perhaps the real skill lies in taking the right attitude to boredom. It’s like an opportunity, to reset your mind and create something new and wonderful. In fact, every second of my life is an opportunity. Waiting to be taken!

Just think about it,

See you.., Matias Luoma.

Never Be Bored Ever Again

Hi everyone, my name is Matias. I’m a pretty ordinary guy from Finland.. or am I? Well I think I atleast have one ability in life. And that’s to never be bored. I’ve seen plenty of friends and other people complain about boredom in life or the lack of exitement. That’s why I decided to start writing here and teaching everyone how to not be bored ever again!

I do understand that everyone has their own interests, but I just hope that people would pick up some spark from my posts and that it would help them to find their own path to non-boredom. Life is extremely exiting, and despite being born in the middle of a dark forest in the cold Finland.. I am able to find exitement every day. Not just by leaving Finland, which is what a lot of people (including myself) do a lot. But also at that, cold dark forest. =)

It’s up to me to call the shots, I do what I want. That’s pretty much the first step to non-boredom. I use to be sometimes bored too, and that was when I wasn’t calling the shots. I use to wait for everyone, hope that something happens all by itself. Well, now I understand that all this was just bullshit brainwashing done by the society on me. They just tell me to study hard, and work hard and then everything will fall into place. Just rely on society and you’ll be happy in life. Yeah right!

I found happiness the exact moment when I stopped trusting on any society structure and created my own. I respect everyone in this planet, perhaps more than those who want to save the planet or something. That’s really another bunch of people I cannot stand.. you know who want to do good in this world by donating money to Africa or what ever. I think, that the best way to help people is to enjoy life and show others how to do the same. At the same time, everyone has to respect nature, their roots (<— very important!) and other people. Having a good foundation in thinking goes a long way. Because in the end, you need other people to enjoy yourself.. we are not alone. This is the other thing I had to realize, before I became happy. Anyway, lots more to come. See you amigos! Matias Luoma