Never Be Bored Ever Again

Rainbow of Life

Hi everyone, my name is Matias. I’m a pretty ordinary guy from Finland.. or am I? Well I think I atleast have one ability in life. And that’s to never be bored. I’ve seen plenty of friends and other people complain about boredom in life or the lack of exitement. That’s why I decided to start writing here and teaching everyone how to not be bored ever again!

I do understand that everyone has their own interests, but I just hope that people would pick up some spark from my posts and that it would help them to find their own path to non-boredom. Life is extremely exiting, and despite being born in the middle of a dark forest in the cold Finland.. I am able to find exitement every day. Not just by leaving Finland, which is what a lot of people (including myself) do a lot. But also at that, cold dark forest. =)

It’s up to me to call the shots, I do what I want. That’s pretty much the first step to non-boredom. I use to be sometimes bored too, and that was when I wasn’t calling the shots. I use to wait for everyone, hope that something happens all by itself. Well, now I understand that all this was just bullshit brainwashing done by the society on me. They just tell me to study hard, and work hard and then everything will fall into place. Just rely on society and you’ll be happy in life. Yeah right!

I found happiness the exact moment when I stopped trusting on any society structure and created my own. I respect everyone in this planet, perhaps more than those who want to save the planet or something. That’s really another bunch of people I cannot stand.. you know who want to do good in this world by donating money to Africa or what ever. I think, that the best way to help people is to enjoy life and show others how to do the same. At the same time, everyone has to respect nature, their roots (

Having a good foundation in thinking goes a long way. Because in the end, you need other people to enjoy yourself.. we are not alone. This is the other thing I had to realize, before I became happy.

Anyway, lots more to come. See you amigos!

Matias Luoma

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