The Skill of Being Bored


When someone says they are bored. I often think that they have a special skill. I don’t have this skill and indeed, I tend to ask these kinds of people.. if or how or why are they bored? Not surpsigingly enough, bored people give boring answers. Thus I never really found the answer of how I can be bored.

Therefore I just have to imagine it. And if I try to picture such a bored situation, it seem like a lot of fun to me. Just doing nothing, staring at a wall. I wish I would have such precious time sometimes.

But then again, maybe sometimes I do stare at the wall. Wait a minute, perhaps.. I do know how to be bored and I love it and that’s why I never invented to give it such a name “bored”. That must be it.

Perhaps the real skill lies in taking the right attitude to boredom. It’s like an opportunity, to reset your mind and create something new and wonderful. In fact, every second of my life is an opportunity. Waiting to be taken!

Just think about it,

See you.., Matias Luoma.

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