There is no Time!

Old Clock

I mean seriously, there is no time. In fact, time is just a fabrication. Something created by humans to think that you are going forwards (or some direction) in time. When in fact, it is quite true. But it doesn’t need to be true and the only thing that makes it real is the facts that people think it is true. So I guess you could say that’s all in the minds of peoples imaginations.

If people think to believe it. Then there must be other ways to think and to make other kinds of reality right? Have you ever found out, that you never have time. Well, of course those who are often bored feel that they have all the time in the world. I say, enjoy it. Because most people don’t have this luxury.

Instead, a lot of people have time running under their feet. Going so fast, that it feels that nothing is enough. This is a trap however. Both of these are, in fact. There is a third option to all is. And this is here and now.

The here and now is a skill mastered by a lot of people in this world. They are able to create a lot in their lives, while enjoying it. I want to explain some of these “masters of time”, from different walks of life. So stay tuned guys. I think this is too interesting to be missed!


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