Get up & Beijing Rock Theatre Memories

Beijing Street

Might sound corny, and probably it is. But getting up and rocking the world if one of the most brilliant things there are in life. But if you are not comfortable with rocking, just give it a new word. Like smooching or cleaning, whatever gives you the satisfaction and drive to go out there and do whatever is it that you want to do. This is basically the essence of “rocking”.

And of course, rock the hamptons has always been in love with China. Ever since, we did a gig there. Of course, those times are in the past and won’t be coming back. But we can always visit China again and again.

Once of the craziest projects we had, was a collaboration between peking opera and yes, rock. Most of you probably don’t know what Opera is like in Beijing, but I can tell you it’s nothing a westerner can imagine easily. It’s wild, exiting and fast paced. While the tradition is far from anything that’s “rock”, the mentality however is very rocky indeed!

I would love to go back to those days, but can’t. However I have my memories that I can share for the rest of my life. And that night at the Liyuan Theatre venue was magical. With performers from America as well as China getting together. Mixing two totally opposite cultures, however finding that thing that connects them and putting up a show of a life time. Yes, only that night an elegant performance was made into a brilliant, loud show with guitars going wild. For more information about the venue, see: Liyuan Theatre Beijing

All in all, the Beijing atmosphere was transformed wherever we went. We took rock with us, we took Peking Opera with us. And “Liyuan” is still in our hearts. Chinese people are great, they make you smile and laugh. They make you remember how to be curious about everything and that joining hands is the only way we can find happiness. The streets are the stage, and theatre is a place to remember that. It’s not just in Beijing or the rest of China. It’s the whole world where this phenomenon is happening every single day.

While I would like to have comforting news, that we will be playing again at the Liyuan Theatre venue. I can say, that this will never happen. In fact, we will never do another gig again. But we are still good friends. And best of all, we are planning another trip together to go to the city and enjoy life again. Experience the Chinese stage again. In new and fun ways. Because if one country in the world, China is the place the embraces change and we can never expect. Or to know what’s coming ahead of us.

What I can say confidently, is that we are looking forward. Rock on!

Your host, Matias.

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    Very cool memories. Thanks for sharing Matias. Beijing must be an amazing place to visit!

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