The Name Hamptons

A Typical House

Please excuse me for not explaining previously, from where the name “Hamptons” comes from. And I will do so in detail within this post, as well as explain some history. And what is a traveller, Finnish guy writing a blog for them. Probably in the previous version of the website, we had that explanation but.. as things get removed and start again, you need to explain things again and again.

I immigrated to the states a long time ago, with dreams of become a player in a band. And little did I know, that my dreams would come true in a big way. I ended up in a city in southeastern Virginia, called Hampton. I met people like I’ve never met before. Open minded, relaxed and friendly. I felt comfortable right away and while it all started with just “hanging around”, it all developed into a full blown rock band. Known as “Rock The Hamptons”. However, I was always the loose member.. but still in some ways, kept things together. In one peace.

I guess that’s why after the “break up”, I am the one who is still blogging and keeping the legend alive. But we are all good friends, it was just time for the hamptons to move on. Anyway, I want to travel more.. not just road tripping the US but all over the globe. And whoever I go, I will carry the memories within me. They are indeed, a part of me now and for ever.

With love,

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