The Show Life Rocks in Beijing

Beijing City at Night

During the “rocking years” of our band, and myself we traveled a lot. After all, that’s pretty much the lifestyle that you are after. Having a tool for exploring the world and having adventures such as a band, is one of the best things I could ever think of. Yet it’s not just roses and wine, there are difficulties and hard times too.

What we give out as a group is that everything is fine, after all we want people to have fun and concentrate on positive things. In itself that is good but also on the other side we liked to confront our problems which is what I guess kept us together for so long.

In many of the places you travel to, like Beijing you leave memories. Often enough, these memories penetrate deep into your being because of not just the good times, but because of the difficulties that you had to overcome. This is all about growing up, and if a country like China can teach me how to be a better person.. I can only embrace it all.

I often felt like I wanted to go back to China and go through those same experiences again and again. On the other hand, I knew that if I would do that the experiences would change because inevitably they are different. What I was before was something else, now I am what I am now, only to become something else in another moment in time.

But that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t rock on the Hamptons, and revisit some of the memories and even change them. Such was the nature of a trip this Summer to Beijing, the mesmerising Beijing Acrobatic Show and the pristine Chinese country side. Little did I know, that a lot of the things were just the same as the Hamptons had left. Although even more surprising was the fact, that perhaps I was less naive and could enjoy the wonderful Chinese capital in a whole new day.

When we went together to see the acrobatic show, the times were blurry at times. With plenty of alcohol in our blood, and young excitement in the air together with our fans at that time. The busy, exciting and hectic environment of the show stage was just perfect for our mental state. We felt like we were on stage, on top of the world and looking down on China with mutual understanding but still as a westerner that is irrational from everything.

Just as the acrobatic feats, that define some of the limits of the human body, as well as theatre itself.. we were defining our own limits and the Beijing show became like a symbol of our success and drive in life.

This time, I sat down perhaps a little further from the stage in the old and classic styled Chaoyang Theatre hall. I felt like I was more observant and appreciative, not just with hard-rock playing in my head constantly. Also I was not intoxicated, because the taste for alcohol has been reduced due to over consumption. Let me show you a photo that I show at this amazing show to explain a bit more than with words!

There is something so elegant and so stunning about this performance, that it still magnifies you and glues you to your seat. What surprised me was that the feats had hardly changed, with all the classic tricks that made me go “wow”, the last time I visited.

It made me think, how perhaps in some ways I had changed a lot. Became more adult, more calmed down and observant of the world around me. Instead of trying so hard to mold and change the environment around me, I was trying to learn from it. There is always an opportunity to learn from others, from both mistakes and brilliance. Perhaps in the past, that had been the same just with less awareness of it. That gave me another sense of comfort, that not all was lost and all along I was that same Matias Luoma guy that was rocking with Hamptons in Beijing.

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    Wow. All these stories from China certainly make me want to visit there one day. I wonder how the rock concerts are made by the Chinese. And the show looks wicked!

    Thanks for posting,

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