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We are planning to open the official “rock the hamptons” internet shop! But there is much to do and we are quite new at this. So as we are posting this, we are also asking for your help guys. Probably not as a surprise to our readers, concentrating on rocking is not something that yields a lot of IT skills. Equally, since it’s just something we love to do.. there is not too much money to be made. But finding balance could be an option that would be more fruitful for our future. Thus, the idea for the net shop came about and while we are figuring out what kind of fan products to make.. we are figuring out another beast, WooCommerce e-commerce software for WordPress.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the world of Content Management Systems, plugins and how to do SEO. But to our surprise these are things that we have been missing, completely! It is still quite recent that we changed to WordPress, which gave us an easy way to make a beautiful blog, and website. But to go beyond that, was not something we have been very eager to accomplish.

Well, anyway. Now, we have teamed up our nerdy brains to come up with the best solution. And we have realized that Search Engine Optimization is absolutely vital for our fans and other rock enthusiast to find out store. Therefore we have invested in this great WooCommerce SEO Plugin that rocks a lot. We are able to create the perfect permalinks and customize just about anything so that search engines would LOVE us.

We are impressed, and WooCommerce has been working so smooth together with WordPress. All in all, we cant wait to bring you the rocking shop that you all so deserve. Knowing the speed are reliability, we can guarantee any deadline. Just hope the best for our dear friends, and fans.

Let us know what you think in the comments, please!! 🙂

Matias Luoma

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    The internet shop idea is absolutely thrilling. Can’t wait either. But knowing you guys I would consider it a bit of a miracle if you manage to get it up anytime this year.

    Anyway, good luck 😛
    Mark =)

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