Foot Massage Adventure in Shanghai City

Chinese Foot Massage

Having a massage is the most ordinary, yet one of the most amazing experiences you can have in China. Compared to western countries the difference is huge in cost as well as the quality of massage. Not all masseurs in cities like Shanghai are that good though and a recommendation is needed amongst the unlimited variety of parlors around every corner. In fact massage parlors in China are notorious for scamming tourists or providing sexual related services of different kinds. This however, is not in the interest of the Hamptons and we would strongly discourage the support of these suspicious establishments that abuse workers that come from outside villages with no money. While finding a good woman (even to marry) is something totally feasable in the country, that would definitely make for another blog posts for another time. What we are interested in, is quality massage services that take away stress and fatigue, make you feel all good inside and even can cure your posture as well as have a positive effect on illness. Or just go full on spiritual about it!

Basically having massage in the exciting nightlife of Shanghai is the best way to start your adventure. But with so much to choose from, first timers should get a recommendation for a Shanghai foot massage which should get you hooked. Foot massage is one of the most casual and fun experiences you can have, either alone or together with friends. Sometimes we have been a group of five, all sitting on comfortable massage chairs with a pretty girl doing our feet. First washing them thoroughly and for a little extra they will even cut your nails. Then proceed to being pushed on your energy points that give stimulus to different parts of the body. This can be painful at first but the thing is to just try to relax and the feeling will subdue. Once you are able to get beyond it you start to understand the pleasure and healing energy sensation. Of course after walking around all day in Shanghai, you will be flying from the “foot high”.

Once you have an open mind towards traditional Chinese massage, you are ready for the whole body experience. Which is more of a kneeling and pushing kind of thing, with all your clothes on. It might again, hurt a little bit but as the muscle locks in your body start opening up. You will understand that it’s all for a good reason and having a relaxed body with a well flowing energy field is the most rewarding thing. And best of all price doesn’t always coincide with the quality. Which is why again, I strongly suggest not to just step into some random parlor which might get you in trouble anyway. There are plenty of very cheap massage establishments that provide excellent service leaving you going, wow. Another viable option is blind massage which often have professional staff that can really connect with clients and hit on important points in the body.

If going to Shanghai, I repeat: Do not miss on this wonderful experience because when back at home, you just might not afford it. Good luck and have fun!

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    Ahhhh. Reading your article makes me want to have a good and long massage. At this moment China seems like paradise. Thanks for the inspiration 😛

    Warmest regards,

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