Hamptons Review: Legend of Kung Fu Show

Hamptons Kung Fu Show

This is a review of the Kung Fu show at the Red Theatre in Beijing. Enjoy!


Traveling to China and visiting its capital, Beijing, can become an unforgettable journey for anyone who decides to explore the rich Chinese culture. Apart from amazing monuments, museums and similar tourist attractions, Beijing has to offer, indeed, numerous theaters and venues that show how intriguing Chinese tradition is. It is well-known that, from the earliest periods in history, the Chinese practice martial arts, acrobatics as well as ballet, and to this day, they continue to marvel the rest of the world with their abilities and perfection shown in any of the skills. Frequently, the Chinese create stunning performances and thus unite many traditional, modern, cultural and dancing pieces into one show and proudly present it to the audience from around the world. One such performance was created more than a decade ago, but it still continues to fascinate its visitors.

The Legend of Kung Fu Show

All the Kung Fu enthusiasts, as well as many others who are interested to see martial arts, will undoubtedly be enthralled by the 10-year-old performance that combines the Kung Fu skills, ballet, and beautiful music, the so-called “The Legend of Kung Fu Show.” The show is a unique combination of the Chinese history, tradition and modern times. One can say that such a mixture is a beautiful work of art. The skills are perfectly combined to fit in an amusing story about a boy dedicated to chasing his dreams of becoming a master of Kung Fu. The performance, however, does not contain words, and that is why the actors have rather a tough assignment to display every detail of a story through their movements, dancing, and facial expressions. Throughout the performance, the visitors will witness all the obstacles the main character has to face with on his path. The show is performing on a daily basis, but it is still not very easy to acquire a ticket since the performance is very frequently sold out. If interested in seeing the intriguing Kung Fu Show in Beijing, one should try to book one at least a few days earlier.

The Red Theater – A Venue That Never Gets Boring

The Red Theater is the home venue of „The Legend of Kung Fu Show“ that was specially renovated and adapted for this kind of performance. It can be found in the Dongcheng District, right next to the Temple of Heaven, and it is quite accessible by subway at Tiantandongmen station on line 5. During the season, there are two performances every day, but during the regular period there is only the evening show. Also, The Red Theater has a huge electronic screen with English titles for the visitors who do not speak Chinese. The fact, that The Red Theater manages to display such a unique show successfully for more than ten years makes it a place that never gets old and never gets boring.

Bruce Lee may be the most responsible for the global popularity of Kung Fu, but „The Legend of Kung Fu Show“ has brought the popularity of the Chinese martial art to an entirely new level. Such a performance makes Beijing even more interesting place to visit, for many years in a row.